By CSR we mean initiatives that lie outside legal and contractual obligations. The basis of this work is the CSR policy, which was drawn up in 2010. At that time we also made a list of our CSR activities. In line with this policy, these activities will be directed towards:

  • A cleaner marine environment and a cleaner environment in ports.
  • A safer life at sea, in port and by the shore.
  • Education and training for the benefit of those who work at sea or in shipping-related activities.

Four focus areas

Our policy is aimed at our own employees, customers, shareholder, and partners as well as society in general. It has four areas in view:

  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Education/research/expertise 
  • Social responsibility

The practical work is coordinated by an internal project group. In addition, CSR-questions can be brought up at departmental meetings, dialogue meetings and via M/S Progress – our common tool for developments and changes – where the focus is on evaluation, support and follow-up and ideas that may contribute to improvements in the company.

We are currently supporting a handful of organisations in Sweden and Denmark. They work with businesses connected with ours, e.g. World Maritime University, The Danish Government’s Seamen’s Service and the Swedish Seamen’s Church. We also make financial contributions to selected environmental projects and offer services to customers and partners, including free Wi-Fi for crews of vessels arriving at our ports.