Human Resources

One of our fundamental ambitions in HR is to encourage a broad, holistic outlook, where employees have a good knowledge of how the whole of CMP functions and how their efforts fit into the whole picture. A broader insight improves the conditions for taking responsibility, a sense of commitment, and optimisation and achieving the best possible result from the efforts of each individual employee. In addition HR will:

  • support managers and employees in their personal development
  • contribute to initiatives to improve skills – both for individuals and the company in general
  • help to implement internal processes of change in a simpler way
  • create the conditions for responsibility, commitment and job satisfaction

Developing leadership and skills 

In 2013 efforts were made to improve leadership among the lowest tier of management. These managers work close to operations in cooperation with a large number of employees. Further development of leadership in this part of the organisation is expected to increase commitment, professionalism and quality in the work of CMP. Some twenty of these managers will therefore be offered training programmes suited to their individual functions starting in 2014. A number of these initiatives will be implemented in collaboration with industry organisations in Sweden or Denmark. The agenda covers things like finance, training and development interviews.

In 2013 the lowest tier of management took part in the Management Forum, which extended this network to around 45 people. The Management Forum is a meeting point for managers, and team leaders in CMP, who assemble several times a year to exchange experiences and discuss development matters. The spread is important and the first tier of managers will also participate in some of the Management Forum’s meetings in 2014.

In Copenhagen eight port employees took part in the professional training developed by CMP in conjunction with other port companies, professional organisations and industry organisations. This training – set up in 2011 – gives port employees an opportunity to broaden their skills and strengthen their professional identity. A further seven people will take part in this professional training in 2014. 

Dialogue on job satisfaction

Every year CMP holds Dialogue Meetings for all employees, where the aim is to discuss questions of key importance for the company. In 2013 one of the topics for these meetings was the concept of job satisfaction. The aim was to kindle debate about what this term actually means and discuss how each individual employee can help to create job satisfaction. The results of the Dialogue Meetings show how important job satisfaction is for motivation and commitment in day-to-day work. In addition a number of core messages were formulated, clarifying what is needed in order for employees to feel satisfied in their work. Here the emphasis was on, for example, the importance of helpfulness, giving praise, showing respect, being positive and especially having a good time together on the job.

Common improvement tool

M/S Progress is CMP’s common improvement, development and communications tool, which is aimed at three areas – Customers, Collaborations/Processes and Leadership/Employeeship. Each department sets its own targets which are measured and followed up. We have had the program since 2011 and over time it has become the platform for handling various kinds of improvement activities. In 2013 the focus was on occupational injuries and damage to goods. The aim is a zero vision when it comes to occupational injuries. At the same time CMP is endeavouring to reduce damage to goods, machinery etc. by 20 per cent year. Damage levels are already low, but careful questioning will further increase commitment and help to achieve targets faster. 

Working environment and safety

The health, security and safety of employees is a key area of the working environment. Legislation and regulations are minimum requirements for this work, which is managed mainly by the relevant supervisors together with the union representatives. Matters concerning the working environment are also settles via local health and safety committees in Copenhagen and Malmö. These committees have a number of minuted meetings each year, at which the outcomes of safety inspections, workplace meetings and non-conformity reports are checked. CMP also has a working environment engineer, who acts as an adviser and coordinator. 

In 2013 the focus was on near-accident reporting. To increase awareness of working environment matters, managers and employees have been encouraged to report more near misses and non-conformities. The effect of this has been that reporting has become fuller and opened the way for more minor working-environment matters – which are relatively simple to solve – to be dealt with in a more systematic way. During the year the documentation in CMP’s quality and environment management system was also evaluated, and in the long term this will lead to increased digitalisation of these documents. In Norra Hamnen work on risk analysis has intensified during the year. This type of analysis is a key part of working environment matters in CMP. Instructions and action plans for each workplace are drawn up on the basis of these risks – especially when new working methods are introduced into the operation.

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