Nordhavn – cruise operations increased

Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s biggest and most popular cruise destination. Work was completed on the new cruise quay in Nordhavn in spring 2014. This increased cruise traffic capacity, meaning that CMP can now achieve the target of 500 arrivals per year. At the new quay – which can receive three cruise ships at the same time – there are three permanent terminal buildings. The quay is 1,100 metres long and 70 metres wide. Each of the terminal buildings is 3,300 square metres in size and has facilities for things like checking in, baggage handling and tourist information. The buildings will improve the quality of passenger service, which in the high season can mean coping with as many as 18,000 people in a single day. Infrastructure around the terminals is also being improved, for example access roads and parking and waiting areas for cars, buses and taxis. In addition there are permanent facilities for treating waste water. This makes treatment easier and reduces environmental pollution.

In the longer term it will also be possible to move CMP’s container and RoRo terminals to Nordhavn. We expect to be able to set this up by 2020 and it will mean a doubling of freight capacity. The size of the new area of land in Nordhavn can be a maximum of 450,000 square metres. It will be created by landfill and as a result, a new port area will take shape in the northern part of Copenhagen.