All the businesses in CMP have their own quality targets. These targets cover different quality concepts depending on the business, such as passenger services in cruising or the amount of damage in the handling of cars or other types of goods. The work on quality is continuously monitored in the respective business areas.

  • In 2013 damage only occurred to 0.003 per cent of the vehicles handled by the car transport operation. This is a very competitive figure corresponding to 3 cars per 100,000.
  • In RoRo the target is a damage level of below 0.1 per cent. 
  • The proportion of satisfied customers in our cruise operations is high. CMP measures the quality of each call. On many occasions in recent years passengers have chosen Copenhagen as the best cruise destination and the best cruise port in Europe. In 2013 we also monitored customer satisfaction in the cruise operation in Malmö. Over 80 per cent of passengers said that their expectations had been exceeded.

The work on quality is assessed every quarter by management and through internal auditing within the operations. No major discrepancies were reported in 2013. CMP’s internal quality management system is being evaluated. Document handling is fairly complicated at present. The long-term aim is to upgrade quality management to a more modern IT environment, which will make the process more efficient.

Decentralised work

In recent years quality management has been extended, for instance through the use of M/S Progress, which is a tool for both development and management by objectives. Using M/S Progress, all departments set measurable, dated targets for their quality improvements. Examples of this type of targets are:

  • Evaluation of cruise ship calls – customer satisfaction
  • Increased unloading and loading and capacity
  • Reduction of emergency repairs to cranes and workshops in Malmö
  • Efforts to reduce even very low levels of damage
    • Damage in container operations in Copenhagen and Malmö
    • Damage to cars during unloading/loading of car ships and other car handling 
    • Cost of damage in freight handling in the RoRo operation and the Malmö logistics department.